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Table Top Flags


Elevate your desk, shelf, or bedside table with a dash of personal expression or playful flair with our customizable tabletop flags. These miniature marvels go beyond the realm of decoration, becoming conversation starters, brand ambassadors, and mini flagships for your passions.

Unleash Your Inner Mini Flag Maestro:

  • Design Playground: Unleash your creativity with complete design control. Upload your logo, artwork, photograph, or text and watch your vision come to life on high-quality fabric. From bold graphics to intricate details, our printing process captures every element with stunning precision.
  • Color Symphony: Choose from a vibrant rainbow of colors to perfectly match your brand identity, event theme, or personal style. Make your message pop and turn heads with every flutter, even on a smaller scale.
  • Double-Sided Impact: Opt for double-sided printing to ensure your message shines through, no matter which angle your mini flag is viewed from. Let both sides tell your story and captivate onlookers, even those sitting across the table.
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Table Top Flags

Built to Last and Impress:

  • Durable Fabrics: Crafted from strong, fade-resistant materials, your tabletop flags can withstand the elements, keeping their colors bold and their shape proud, even on your desk during a sunny afternoon.
  • Reinforced Stitching: Each flag is meticulously stitched with reinforced seams to handle any enthusiastic displays or accidental bumps. Durability meets elegance in every thread, even in miniature form.
  • Sturdy Stands: Choose from a variety of sleek and lightweight stands to suit your style and space. Wooden bases add a touch of natural charm, while acrylic stands offer a modern flair. Both keep your mini flag proudly displayed.

More Than Just Decoration:

  • Brand Champion: Showcase your logo or tagline in a subtle yet impactful way with a custom tabletop flag. Attract customers, boost brand awareness, and create a lasting impression in your office, reception area, or even on your conference table.
  • Rally the Troops: Unite your team, your club, or your fan group with matching tabletop flags. Create a sense of community and shared spirit in your office, meeting room, or even your living room. Mini flags, big impact.
  • Personalize Your Space: Turn your desk, shelf, or bedside table into a reflection of your passions and interests. Display your favorite artwork, a meaningful quote, or a cherished photograph on a personalized tabletop flag. Make your space truly your own, with a miniature touch.

Order Your Mini Flags Today and Let Your Personality Flutter!

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